Les joies de la neige, au-delà des différence


La fondation Verdeil est venue faire ses traditionnelles joutes d'hivers aux Diablerets. (article du 24 heures)

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Magic Pass


Le Magic Pass est de retour ! Découvrez la toute nouvelle version du forfait magique sur magicpass.ch/fr

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Le domaine skiable d’Isenau est fermé cet hiver. Tous les cours sont donnés sur le domaine skiable du Meilleret, au Jardin des Neiges pour les débutants et au domaine des Isles (situé au bas du domaine skiable du Mei...

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The ski school was created in 1933. At that time, skiing has already become popular. It exerts a particular fascination on people and gives them unsuspected impressions related to the sensation of movement, the discovery of virgin slopes, the contact with nature and its changing weather conditions.

The ski school aims to teach the practice of skiing. Learning the discipline requires patience endurance and rigor. For not to forget it’s first at all a hobby, various ski events are offered at the school and at the resort’s guest.

The ski school had organized the “Great Fox hunt”, which consisted of the participants chasing and catching the foxes, the ski instructors who had attached to their waist a beautiful fox tail that they had.