I have never snowboarded before.

  • Information about equipment
  • Dependency on the board
  • Sliding, skidding, stopping
  • Exercises for going up the ski lift
  • Skidding turns

King/Queen Blue

I know how to do skidding turns.

  • Information about using ski lifts
  • Going up the ski lift safely
  • Stop by counter-rotation
  • Rapid change (front side and backside)
  • Turns by pre-co rotation (various rotations)

Star Blue

I know how to go up the ski lift, turn, do rapid changes.

  • Information about behaviour on the slopes (FIS Rules)
  • Jump over small jumps
  • Small Fakie descent
  • Wheeler
  • Turns by rocking movements (various rocking movements)

Prince/Princess Red

I know how to go up the ski lift, turn, do small jumps and a bit
of Fakie.

  • Information about nature, countryside and environment
  • Jump by an Ollie movement (Basic Air)
  • Cross-over turns
  • Short slide periods on the Front and the Back
  • Mastered Fakie Descent on easy slopes

King/Queen Red

I know how to do jump by Ollie, slide on the Front and Back, descend in Fakie.

  • Information about warming-up
  • Slide 50/50 on an easy rail
  • Small consecutive turns
  • Cross-under turns
  • Front and Back Turn

Star Red

I know how to do several small consecutive turns, do front and back turns.

  • Information about tuning
  • Carving turns
  • Straight variants with grab on an average Backle jump
  • Master slopes with variation
  • Two different 180° on-piste

Swiss Snow Academy

Slope, Park, Freeride

I can carve, two different 180° on-piste.

  • Information about preparing material
  • Fakie Carving on easy slopes
  • Front and Back Turn backside
  • Jump by N’ollie
  • Dynamic carving

I can do dynamic carving, front and back turns.

  • Information about the snow sport teacher set-up
  • Small turns
  • 4 different 180° on-piste by Ollie or N’ollie
  • Straight variants with Tweak on average jumps
  • 360° on-piste with slope help

I know how to do small turns, 4 different 180° on-piste, a 360° on-piste.

  • Slope Tricks
  • Freeride
  • Park & Pipe